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There are a few exercise rooms scattered about Milliways, of various sorts and various levels of formal construction. A room with weights and a punching bag; a room with mirrors and a barre and strict signs about which shoes one is permitted to wear; a room with fewer mirrors, a closet full of various kinds of padding, another closet with practice implements like rods of wood and bamboo, a wood floor, mats of strange blue plastic to unfold or ignore.

It's in the last of these that Enjolras and Bahorel have been recently engaged in vigorous (and friendly) attempts to pummel each other.
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They should possibly have not ignored the plastic mats quite so thoroughly. Oh well, what's a few bruises?

...A few fewer than Bahorel'd been expecting, actually."Slow day, or have you been skipping practice without Paris' agents of order around to remind you?" Not that anyone who wasn't used to sparring with Enjolras would have noticed; but then Bahorel is, and did.
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"There's an American from some future-time who comes here sometimes, Sam Wilson; he's good for a sparring practice if you catch him in the right mood. And a few others-- but you're right. I think for most of the fighters who come here it's something of a break." He laughs shortly at that. "Rather a long one for us, if we take that path."
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Bahorel snorts. "If we only do what's needed here, we may as well plant ourselves boots-down alongside the other weeds outside. I wouldn't put it past this place to keep us just as hale and healthy that way." He grins briefly. "Though there are a few more interesting things to do out in the woods. The rabbits are a novelty."
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"A few; they're fun to play with. I'm not hunting them, there's those who come here who need them, but they are entertaining." And he's been bitten a few times, which makes it interesting!

He nods in the general direction of his own rooms, a casual indication of his own immediate plans, before asking "Are you going to change? I'd say "into a new suit", but as far as I can tell you somehow don't have a new suit."

It's a restrained question, given the speaker. Anyway it's not shaking Enjolras by the shoulders and saying "What are you doing in this?!?" which has certainly been a tempting course of action over the last few weeks.
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Bahorel shakes his head, grinning. Some things apparently don't change, even at the end of the universe. "Do that then; but then meet me-- oh, in my rooms; they're larger, at least now. Not in mood for the Bar crowd right now. Untrustworthy bunch, you know. Why, I've met bankers there."

And policemen. He would never question that Enjolras will pick up on the unsaid caution. Arranging to meet out of the public gaze to discuss Issues is just habit.

((ooc: given Millitimesing, this is going to be the first time Enjolras will have seen Bahorel's current rooms. GLEE. XD))
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More Bahorel's room by the day, with the questionable art painted on the walls and the books and various oddities scattered about.

Also, lunch, in the form of a and a pitcher of lemon water and a very large pizza with toppings Almost Certain Not To Horrify Anyone sitting next to enough general dishware to make Help Yourself an obvious invitation.

He's leaning againt the couch, already changed (and in a slightly different outfit, though he'd be honestly surprised if Enjolras noticed; but Bar keeps pushing alterations at him),flipping through a fairly sizeable book. Again.

He nods greeting when Enjolras comes in. "Kick the door shut."
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Bahorel grins at the obvious unsaid question. "It's not especially dire. But it is our business, at least somewhat."

He holds up the book, in its red leather binding. "Some thirty years after our death, Victor Hugo-- do you recall him?-- seems to have written about us. That is, he wrote this, and we're--"he grabs a small number of pages to illustrate "--featured. Some of us more at length than others. Bossuet gets quite a speech."

He makes no particular move to hand the book over, though he's hardly hiding it away. "There is, I think, nothing too dangerous to us, here. But this book is evidently quite known. It was Monsieur Lecter who recommended it to me."

And it's worth something, to know what others are expecting from you. Why Lecter would hand that over is a question he's willing to consider; but not the most immediate one.
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"All of our little society--well, the nine of us-- and the role, hmm." He considers. "Debatable, from a literary point; but we're introduced in the course of Marius Pontmercy's tale--he features quite a lot, it could half be a memoir of his college years, but we're a rather smaller bit of the tale. We're part of his political education; and then there's the barricade, our last one-- or something close enough to what it was for both of us." Because they did have a slightly different experience, there.

" Bossuet assures me it's quite accurate; and the overall story is more sympathetic to us than I'd have expected, from what he was writing when we left for our current lodgings. Still- it is very much Hugo. There's a rather lengthy defense of Louis-Philippe, a lot of agonizing over the course of history.."

He waves a hand-- so on, so on. " He's still the moderate, and can't seem to praise the Republic without trying to shield the throne."
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Bahorel has thought about it. The issue of embarrassment isn't one he's weighed too heavily in Enjolras' case-- yes, the narrative gets intrusive, but Enjolras wouldn't want to miss anything useful to spare himself a little awkwardness. But...

"There's a passage on Waterloo, some veritable essays on the nature of Revolution, a debate or two I think you might find interesting; I'll have them copied out, if you like. The events at the barricade, if you want to see how others might be remembering it. But on the whole--?" He laughs. "No,I suspect you'd be bored by most of it, as you would much of my reading. Love affairs, family dramas, a great deal of description of appearances, the nature of young womanhood and spring... I know we're not as occupied as we might wish, here, but I don't expect you've become quite that desperate for entertainment yet."

"Mind, I won't see it slandered; it's a fine work and an honor to the art. Whatever my arguments with Hugo's politics, and they are many, he knows his art. Not a word out of place, given what he meant to do. A feast of a book; but not, I think, one to your taste." He grins. "There are chapters about Marius' courtship."
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Bahorel nods; it's what he expected. "It's not just us, though. The spy, too, has his chapters apart from our meeting with him-- you may wish to see those too, though I cannot vouch for their accuracy." The spy is hardly worth worrying about,. " And Marius is there, as I said-- and hence Mlle. Fauchelevent. And, to a great degree, her father. You've said he would like his privacy; I suspect he has none, here."
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Bahorel didn't expect that to meet with celebration, no. "He's in it at length. I would say from the start, but the start is about a few of the men of the Revolution's days; a Bishop, in particular, in 1815. And then Fauchelevent shows up, under his other name of Valjean. Though he's not named right away. I was halfway through his first chapter before I knew who it was meant to be, and then-- I would guess much of what he fears people knowing had already been revealed. And he is in and out of the novel for its entire length."
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"His childhood, his family. A criminal record, such as it is; mostly prison escapes. Some petty theft, out of various desperation.-- All this before the first hundred pages are gone. Shall I go on?" Bahorel's not being flippant. The old man had acted as a friend to them. "He says he has no fear of the spy Javert; I believe him. But then there may be others he wishes to keep his past from, and for good reason." There are many reasons, after all, for a man in Fauchelevent's position to want privacy.
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"I'll tell you, if the book's right, then he's even less of a scoundrel than it seems he's presenting himself to be. As for the book, I can think of a few reasons behind it. As for why--" Enjolras may not expect answers; but Bahorel has considered them.

"Perhaps this is not truly Monsieur Fauchelevent's story at all, or at least not entirely. Hugo may merely have heard his name, and combined it with other similar tales to create a sort of composite. Unkind to the man, perhaps worse still to the daughter, especially given other aspects of the story. But Hugo may have acted in partial ignorance there." Bahorel doesn't really believe it, and doesn't try to hide the fact. But it's a possibility.

"Then again, this won't be published until 1862. In that time, there will have been several governments; and then of course people have their own changes of heart. Perhaps somewhere in those decades, Monsieur Fauchelevent feels safe enough, or outraged enough, to share his story. With Pontmercy, if not with Hugo. Perhaps Fauchelevent even dies in the decades between our time and the book; indeed, it is likely, he is not a young man. Then it would be to his heirs to share the story, and there are many reasons they might want to do so."

"Or." He holds up a hand for a moment. "I do not expect you to accept this entirely, I would not suggest it at all except for where we find ourselves. But the Hugo who wrote this may not have been precisely the Hugo of our world. Perhaps the Hugo who wrote this novel knew M. Fauchelevent by a different name, or even not at all; there might have been many differences between that world and ours." Bahorel doesn't chase that idea further, much as it fascinates him. It's not Enjolras' sort of theory, and anyway it's not to the point at hand.

"Whatever the reasons it happens, Fauchelevent's story will be told. -- But it shouldn't happen for decades, and yet here he is to have it affect him now."
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Bahorel nods. "He should know, maybe even more than us. As I say, for us, maybe it's nothing terribly serious-- but while there are others who can reach our world and time, it's worth knowing what stories they might be carrying back."

He frowns. "Especially because there are notes on some other barricades-- of ours, and in the future. Trials and collaborators named, from the year 1848. All settled and gone by the time the book published, but in our year-- no. And-- that spy is here."
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Bahorel nods. "He seems to be avoiding anything to do with us-- but then he is a spy, it could be a front." He laughs. "I suppose I could try to provoke him into fights when he's here, and keep us both in the cells-- but no, never mind, we're supposed to be allowed books, now."

He sobers again. "And,here's something I at least didn't know: it seems we had two spies at our barricade. You remember the fellow who killed the porter."

It's not a question.
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"So it seems. A long-time agent, a member of one of the stronger gangs-- and it seems it was amazing how little they were ever prosecuted for their various crimes." Bahorel watches the movement of the wine in his own glass. "Which would explain his skill in certain matters." A gun, a knife. "And why he was so set on murdering an unarmed old man who'd come out to chat to some fellows he knew."

It might make no difference to Enjolras. The porter had perhaps been a stranger to his barricade. But for Bahorel it answers a question. After Bossuet's visit to Milliways, making the porter's acquaintance had been part of their preparations, and not an especially hard job-- a few drinks, a few games of dominoes, a few stories traded about grandchildren and nieces and nephews--

"I knew the porter. He was friendly to us. The murderer had not even a shadow of an explanation on our barricade." He smiles, bitter but not without a certain bleak amusement. "They police might teach their agents to spin a better story."
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"Hm. I gather our visitor missed his timing. If he had waited a mere two years, he might have joined the forces of law along the Rue Transnonain, and killed old men in their beds with good company, instead of before our unappreciative audience." His smile vanishes in a curse, and he throws his wine glass into the fireplace.

It shatters; Bahorel watches as the fire briefly flickers another color, and for a while longer. It is really very helpful.

When he speaks again, it's with a touch of real warmth. "Bossuet will be cross with me. He was very insistent that I tell the rest of you about this gently." Ridiculous, to try and be gentle about such things; but Bossuet would think to try, and that thought makes him grin in amusement and fondness.
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Bahorel shakes his head. "I don't know- he took the news very oddly. But then he was concerned for Grantaire, I think. Monsieur Hugo doesn't flatter us all equally." He shrugs. "At any rate-- Bossuet knows, which is to say, Joly knows; and Bossuet is telling Grantaire. I've spoken to Combeferre earlier today. I can tell Courfeyrac and Feuilly, or you can, if you want." It's not even a question that they need to know.
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Bahorel waves off the question of Grantaire; it's nothing Enjolras doesn't know already, at least to the extent that it could possibly matter. Nothing anyone who looks at them in the same room wouldn't know, in Bahorel's estimation, but that doesn't have to mean Bossuet's concern is wrong. Just not something he has an answer for.

" I'll get the more immediate passages copied out for us-- the mentions of 48, and so on. For the rest, I think it can wait until the others have a chance to read the book, if they want." He grins. "But I'm telling Jehan if he comes by. I won't forgive anyone who spoils that news." A joke, and not; he would want to see Jehan's immediate reaction, but he also knows he won't care all that much if it becomes a possibility.

"So that's the news of our day, or someone's, at any rate." He stands and stretches and heads for the food on the table. "What about you, any grand discoveries? Has Combeferre taught his dinosaur to breathe flame yet?"

...Probably the answer is no!