Aug. 7th, 2016

pro_patria_mortuus: (les amis de l'abaissé)
The Amis this year are from the same daemonverse AU as last time.

Before, they were coming from the uprising of 1830, which for them was defeat snatched from the jaws of victory. Now, it's a year later, in 1831. They've had a year of continuing to work secretly against the government -- and, thanks to Milliways resources, to work towards things like public health (clean water! washing hands! basic understanding of germ theory!) and education and so forth with rather more knowledge and resources than they had in canon. Accordingly, the group is somewhat more central to the revolutionary scene and somewhat more focused on science and public health than it was in canon.

As before, they're all alive. It's about a year before they die in canon -- but, since this is an AU with some things going differently, there's no guarantee that'll go down the same way either.

Other than that, they're all pretty much the same as the versions you're used to, except that each of them has their soul as an external bird of some sort that hangs around, talks, etc. They've been coming to Milliways for quite a while now. But it's up to you whether they've met your character before.


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