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Only the Amis are getting presents, because Enjolras is not that much of a gift-giver even in a place where everybody can't just get what they want for the asking from a magical bar.

Each one of them is getting a book. I tried to come up with the subjects without great success, so -- they're something Enjolras would think your character would like! Either something that he thinks they maybe haven't run into yet, or something that was an old beloved book they reread a billion times at home, or something they've read but really enjoyed and would probably like a copy of their own to scribble marginalia in the way you can't with a library book. Feel completely free to come up with the book on your own, or to make me try to narrow it down some. (He polled Joly and Bossuet for help with Grantaire's.)

There's a sappy note on the flyleaf about how much he appreciates you, specifically, friend, and [non-exhaustive list of your good qualities]. It's extremely Enjolraic. I haven't bothered to come up with them specifically but I can certainly write them out if anyone wants to see a specific one. Grantaire's is less effusive and took a lot more thinking about careful wording, but all the same he gets an earnest Enjolraic note too. MERRY CHRISTMAS GRANTAIRE.

Gavroche is getting a book too -- it's some foundational text, The Social Contract or a collection of republican writings from their day or something -- and a note which is also less effusively sappy than the older Amis get, but still earnest. You've found yourself a new home and a family who cares for you as you deserve, says part of the note, but here is a piece of your old home, which remains yours just as truly. There's a great deal of wisdom in these pages, and a great deal which bears disputing as well.


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