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pro_patria_mortuus: (we strive towards a larger goal)

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He had one passion only, justice; one thought only, to remove all obstacles. On Mount Aventine, he would have been Gracchus; in the Convention, he would have been Saint-Just. He hardly saw a rose, he ignored the spring, he did not hear the birds sing; Evadne's bare bosom would have moved him no more than Aristogeiton; to him, as to Harmodius, flowers were good only for hiding the sword. He was severe in his pleasures. Before anything but the Republic, he chastely dropped his eyes. He was the marble lover of liberty.

--Victor Hugo, Les Misèrables (trans. Lee Fahnestock and Norman MacAfee)

Enjolras is blond, blue-eyed, not too tall*, slim, athletic, twenty-four years of age, entirely and unmagically human. Also, dead.

By the standards of 1830s Paris, he's strikingly gorgeous. Comparisons to Greek statuary tend to be made. Your character, of course, may or may not agree with these standards.

* Not too tall by the standards of today, that is; for modern America and much of Europe, he's pretty average. By the standards of his own day, he's quite tall. Huzzah for childhood nutrition!

Enjolras is a character from Victor Hugo's Les Misèrables. He comes here mostly from the book, although I will be pulling in occasional minor things from the stage musical or 2012 movie musical as it suits me. For example, his PB, Aaron Tveit, whose likeness doesn't belong to me either. For more details, see this post. This is an RP journal, intended for fun and games and no profit whatsoever. I'm [personal profile] genarti.

Interests (42):

bahorel, barricades, being a giant nerd, bossuet (not the royalist), combeferre, courfeyrac, democracy, dramatic deaths, equality, feuilly, france, fraternity, friends, goats of darkness upon a bridge of the infinite, grantaire i guess, ideals, jean prouvaire, jehan prouvaire, jolllly, joly, legle (de meaux), les amis de l'abaisse, les amis de l'abc, liberty, loosing humanity's chains, love, metaphors, mixed metaphors, not flowers though, oratory, overthrowing the corrupt monarchy, patria, red and black, revolution, scientific progress, setting the earth free, symbolism, the french people, the future, the planned obsolescence of violence for progress, valiant artisans of the people, weaponry
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