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Conversing over hot wine and a distinct lack of TOTAL IMMERSION IN ICE WATER thanks

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Enjolras and Joly head indoors, with all the due speed. Which in Joly's case is a fair amount of speed, what with the shivering and the clutching a borrowed coat around himself and the wet hair and the swearing laughingly under his breath every time the wind picks up a little, and Enjolras keeps pace.

Indoors it's bright -- and far warmer. And Cesario, as promised, has scrounged up a table and hot wine.
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Viola waves them over to the table, relieved that he now seems at least mostly covered.

"I cannot think, Monsieur, this method is so healthful as you were told," she notes as they approach.
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Joly may be shivering, but he's in fine spirits! " R-really, I think it might be! I feel much more energetic than I did, and it's--it's very clarifying, I'm sure."

Which doesn't stop him accepting a glass of hot wine with a very sincere " Thank you."
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Viola laughs as she pours just a little glass for herself, and looks to Joly for his response.
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Joly laughs."Why, of both!--But I did mean of, of the body, more than anything. It's quite the thing for shaking off lethargy, I'm sure--though I wouldn't prescribe it for weak hearts, I think! But just the thing, when people are indoors too much for the cold-- if there's somewhere warm to get back to!" A successful experiment! He will do it again just as soon as absolutely never!
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"Then I am glad indeed you have so profited by your soaking," Viola says. "And I, too, have profited-- for I have gained a certain knowledge that Frenchmen must be mad."
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It's a really good thing Joly already swallowed his wine. He bursts into happy, surprised laughter. "Oh, not all, not all at all!" He manages, as he catches his breath. "Not even everyone at this table--and then ,you know, even I have been accused of certain leanings towards sanity and reason." he takes another sip of wine, still grinning hugely. "--Mostly by the fellow still swimming in the lake, I grant you, but that's something."

Come on, Enjolras! You're more or less sensible and soberish! Stand up for the sanity of Frenchmen! Or. Not.
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Viola feels a bit bad-- her joke sounds rather glib when followed by a response like that.

"I am no artist, nor a scholar," she says. "And so I shall trust to your words, and speak no more of what I do not know."
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Yeah! What Enjolras said! Joly would totally have said that--or something much like it-- and has, on occasions when he wasn't shivering so much. But he can still beam in approval!

--And laugh at the last comment. "Well, as for that--I have learned since coming here that much I was taught as sanest sense was dangerously wrong, and much that men in our time laughed at was the simplest truth; so I find it harder now to rule anything out!"

But Cesario's looking a little overwhelmed, for some mysterious totally baffling unfamiliar reason. A slight change of subject, maybe? "--Are the people of Illyria all good sober sane men, like you?"

...It's a joke, a joke. He's not accusing you of being serious and grim for real! Obviously!
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"O, indeed," Viola replies solemnly. "Every one as true a man as I."
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"In truth, monsieur, it is a country new to me," Viola replies. "I have lived there but two months, or some weeks more. Why, it may yet be that my now sure impressions of the place will yet be proven folly!"
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"Oh! I didn't know. Where did you travel from? Is Illyria very different to it?" Joly looks about the Bar, and laughs. "Well, relatively?"
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She laughs as well. "My home was Messaline. The two are not so unlike-- both small and ordinary places, sea ports with much in the way of trade. But Paris! That is a place I have longed to see."