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Enjolras is in his room, settled on the sofa with a book on the history of Thedas that he borrowed from the library. Every so often he makes a note in his commonplace notebook.

Combeferre isn't in, but he left the television playing his favorite channel, one which shows documentaries about the natural world. Enjolras turned the volume quieter and left it at that. Right now a man is enthusing, with measured speech and deliberate enunciation, about the wonders of water in subterranean caverns.
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Joly knocks neatly on the door. No, it probably isn't locked, yes, he knows he's welcome any time...but he also knows very well what a horrible idea it is to just open the door unexpectedly on a room where Science may be happening.

Besides, it gives him a moment longer to turn over the peculiar conversation with Javert before he has to try and explain it to anyone else.
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Joly's in a fairly thoughtful mood, but he still smiles as he comes into the room and sees Enjolras-- an unthinking reaction to seeing a friend, an easy happiness if anything more pronounced because there are serious matters at hand.

"Hello, Enjolras. I'm glad you're in--though you might regret it a bit, when I've passed on the message I've been given."

Nonsense, of course; Enjolras would never choose to avoid a friend or a useful message, however unpleasant, but Joly's never going to be able to totally dispense with pleasantries.

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​Joly sits down on the couch, runs a hand over his hair, and laughs a little. "I just had a conversation with Javert, down in the Bar. He had a message for you--well, I suppose I'm cooperating with the police, shameful of me! But he said--" Joly closes his eyes for a moment, remembering the exact words "' Tell your friend Enjolras not to make any other trips to Paris. If I find him there again, spreading my name through your little groups, I will ...ensure.." Joly's pretty sure that was the word "-- ' and even more swift and thorough fist lands on them than I would have, er, otherwise.'"

Joly laughs again, a little tired, in the way he always is after conversations with Javert or men like him. "He tried to make it sound much more threatening, of course."

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Joly shakes his head. "He didn't tell me--the warning was his last comment before we parted. I..." he thinks it over, then huffs. "I could have tried to find out more. I just--" He just didn't want to push it farther, for reasons he's professionally sworn to keep secret even from his friends. "it wasn't a good time to try for it. I suspect if you ask him, he'll tell you outright. More than he'd tell me, I think." Because yes, Joly has noticed that Javert has a certain idea about Enjolras. Your golden leader. His mouth quirks a little.

(He'll tell Bossuet about that later, and they'll laugh. But Javert's strange fixation isn't Enjolras' fault, and Enjolras knows about it. There's no reason to pass along the insult with the message, surely.)

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​ ​"I don't know what he was thinking of it, I really don't." Joly taps his fingers against his knee for a moment. "Sometimes it's as if he--thinks we haven't considered that we might get in trouble, which--!" Joly laughs, and holds his hands out helplessly. They're all dead, what else is there to say on that front?

"But I think it's a useful warning all the same-- at least we might speak to Monsieur Fauchelevent when we see him again, and let him know we were noticed."

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Joly reaches out to press his shoulder. "At least we know word did get out. Maybe to someone clumsy enough to let Javert hear about it somehow, but it's still being talked about." He thinks for a moment. "I...really don't believe Javert will act against Monsieur Fauchelevent. So if it's only reached him, in some ways, he might be the safest of officers to hear about it. Not that he doesn't need to know, or that we didn't slip, but I don't think there's an immediate danger to him."

He thinks, he's not certain--not as he would be if Javert spoke about Fauchelevent the same way and was more stable. But it seems fairly sure.

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Joly nods. "I hope we'll see M. Fauchelevent soon, and can tell him. I--if we don't, his daughter comes here sometimes. I don't know if...if she knows, or should know, anything of it."

He's not exactly asking Enjolras for guidance in how to handle telling a woman news, here. But it's a point of fact to note.