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Enjolras is not, on the whole, a man with a great deal of appreciation for the beautiful outdoors. He's a city boy, and a man whose interest is mostly occupied by people, and abstract concepts concerning people.

But Milliways is a very enclosed place, and a very boring place, and there's no city to go walking in here. And Enjolras is also a fairly athletic man, who would prefer a lot more exercise than one easily finds around this place.

All of which is to say: he's out for a walk. At the moment, he's just stopped by the stables.
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Harry's instinctive response is to insist that of course he can keep going, but-- he know, also, it's better to have a short lesson well learned than a long one half forgotten.

He nods. "Then let us end here."
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"I would be most glad to learn more of thee, and show thee whate'er thou wouldst," Harry says, kneeling to gather together his own bits and pieces.

"I was brought up to't," he says with a shrug. Not to singlestick itself, of course-- but he assumes Enjolras will know what he means.
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"That, too, I would be glad of," he says. "Truly, thou'rt passing fortunate in thy friends. I think I have not known so fair a society as thee and thine."

He doesn't mean 'thine' in the sense of Enjolras as leader, though it may sound that way.
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"And they are lucky, too, in thee," Harry says. He doesn't know Enjolras that well, obviously, but he figures anyone is lucky to have a friend who will speak of them like that.
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"That Javert thought not so," Harry says with a scowl. His disgusted tone suggests that anything Javert thinks is obviously and automatically wrong.
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Harry laughs.

"Why, do you indeed!" he cries in mock-surprise. "O, he is a foul worm, I would I had not spoken his name."
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Harry, in a similar state, has much more readily embraced the obvious laxity of dress he's seen in Milliways. Though his dress is still distinctly of his own period, he can indeed be seen in the scandalous state of undress that is a mere shirt.

"No business, I," he says. "And if it stands the same with thee, I am ever glad to speak on any matter thou wilt."
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Hey, it's good for him to be forced to think sometimes!

(And for all that he finds it confusing and slightly frustrating, he finds he can't resist the still-novel and pleasant experience of someone who will actually willingly listen to him talk. Perhaps with time-- and more conversations with Enjolras and Feuilly-- he'll get used to it, but... he hasn't yet.)

"I shall meet thee there."