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Enjolras spent the afternoon (or the loose Milliways equivalent) first in conversation with Courfeyrac -- primarily discussing certain philosophers of the mid-20th century, but also hearing an enthusiastically convoluted description of Courfeyrac's new favorite television shows. After that, sparring with Bahorel.

He's just washed up and changed into a clean shirt and waistcoat, and is considering between dinner and the library, when there's a familiar knock on the door. "Come in," he calls.

He doesn't yet know which friend it is, but all the same the smile of greeting started at the knock.
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Unsurprisingly, it's Feuilly! They don't have any language studies scheduled just now, but it's a rare day that they don't run into one another or stop by one another's room.

Stepping through the door, Feuilly first makes a hasty check that he's not about to trip over any of Combeferre's science, or release a study specimen into the hallway. No dinosaurs? Good.

"Hullo--am I interrupting anything?"
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"I'm well, I'm well." Feuilly looks around and finds a seat that isn't host to anything too breakably experimental. "I've just met a new arrival, one I gather you met as well--an English earl's son, from Northumberland?"

Feuilly's expression is a mix of rueful and amused; but he holds off on any further comment, waiting to hear Enjolras's side of the encounter.
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Feuilly laughs. "Ah--I was wondering what you thought of him. Well, you asked first, fair enough. He seemed--honest. Candid. Definitely more fond of soldiers than scholars--or tradesmen. But we were able to talk some." He laughs again. "I left feeling like it was a bit of work not to get into a fight. But it might have been worth it, to be on good terms? He seemed like someone who cared that he was fighting in a good cause, even if--well--he might not be the best fellow at reasoning it out. Do you know if he's--if he's dead? I couldn't tell if he knew."
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Feuilly nods at Enjolras's answer--it may make a difference, if Harry Percy is a man who can go home again and live, with new ideas, but who knows?--and finds himself grinning a little by the end. "Yes--we ended up talking a little too. About--mmh, about whether God made kings. I think he was trying to understand. Even if patience might not--come naturally."

Feuilly rubs his face, still amused by the meeting. "I liked him, I think. I wouldn't put him and Bahorel in a room alone together. Or maybe I would, if Joly or Combeferre were on hand to patch things up after. --He liked you." Which is one reason Feuilly made sure he found patience to talk with the man through some awkward moments. "I'm not sure that book-reading fan-painters are his usual company."
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Trust Enjolras to lead with the Social Contract, when Feuilly had decided on caution! This time he hides his smile behind his hand, nodding again. There are some things only Enjolras can do. "Yes--intrigued and confused and exhausted, that sounds about right. I suppose I should study more about the English parliament, its history. I think he noticed we were French."

Oh, lord. Feuilly leans back in the chair, wrapping his arms around one knee, casual here with Enjolras in a way he isn't with many people. "Well. If he turns out to be just--just a bloody-minded nobleman--then that's his loss. But we'll see. He seemed glad to hear about the stables. I expect he can be found outdoors."

Mmh. He's still working in the back of his mind on whether he wants to say anything to Enjolras about his recent--argument?--with Father Harman. It's Athelstan's business and Feuilly isn't much of a gossip; but Feuilly's feelings and worries are his own business as well.

For now he just gives Enjolras a generally questioning look. "And any other news?"
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Feuilly had been joking: now he grins and says, "Oh, yes, Percy spoke of French archery. But we're not at war. --Chuck Hansen? No, I've never met him or heard of him." A shrug, not dismissal, but complete lack of opinion. "Where is he from?"
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"Mmh. So many people here with battles to fight. I'm not--when I got here I thought I was done with it. But you hear about some world--some where like Mr. Fawkes' world, where there are men taking slaves--" Feuilly looks down at his hands and then somewhat perplexedly at Enjolras. "Sometimes I think I ought to--ought to at least practice with a gun now and then."
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"Yes," he says somewhat absently, and then again, "Yes. It's a skill for a certain kind of purpose, isn't it. Fighting--no, well, that's too easy to say, it's for killing. And when it isn't our world that's--you can't call it a necessity--"

He pushes both his hands through his hair, shaking his head, and comes up from the position with a truly apologetic smile for Enjolras. "I'm sorry. I'm--mmh. Enjolras--Enjolras, you don't think that Poland is a, an isolated interest? Do you?"
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It's reassuring. It's selfishly reassuring, to see his own bafflement mirrored on Enjolras's face.

"That's what I--eh, I'm sorry, I know it sounds like I'm talking at random. Isolated interests, an interest in isolated subjects--it's something Father Harman said. But I think we just misunderstood one another. I think we misunderstood one another through the whole conversation. I--do you think it's strange that I'm--that I'm not quite comfortable with the Vikings here? Father Harman seemed to think it was strange. That I wasn't understanding enough. And--and you know, here we are in this place and finding there are so many things we didn't understand in our time--things we were wrong about, nations and races and--men and women--"

Yeah, he knows he's talking very much at random now. Half a dozen trains of thought have all tangled themselves up at once: nationalism, violence, religion, history, selfishness, feeling, choice, government, all sorts of things. Enjolras will surely have a clearer head.

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No--he hasn't misinterpreted. That's the heart of it. A certain gratitude shows in Feuilly's face. "Oh, I think some of them are clever men--brilliant, even--and probably good people of their time. And--it's a hard time, and a hard place. I don't know if they could come here and--change. I can be patient, usually. It just--"

Hm. He rubs his face. "It took me by surprise that Athelstan has joined them so much. Going on raids. --I don't know if you've heard, but they've had one of those time--strangenesses. A week or two passed here, but four years for them. I haven't been sure how to talk to him."
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The earnestness is so real, and so welcome, that Feuilly has to laugh softly at himself, tangling a hand in his hair and reaching up to press the hand on his shoulder. "Thank you. Thank you, Enjolras. I did need to hear that it's not absurd to--be taken aback a moment. The conversation with Father Harman had me doubting it myself--and, you know, here I am saying that I half liked that Harry Percy, who's come here from probably a bigger battle than any of the Vikings. I ought to be more consistent. I wish I were. --I'm sorry, I've come here with a dozen different conversations in my head at once."
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He laughs again, rueful and glad; he can feel himself blush. "Oh, no, I don't think I've ever managed anything like consistency. But thank you. --And you're right," Feuilly adds more seriously. "There's never any shame in finding common ground--I've never thought so. It startled me, when Athelstan said he was going on raids now, but there's still common ground to find."

He falls silent. One of the threads tangling up his thoughts just now is the scriptural work: but it pulls on his (very vague) thoughts about religion and (his much more complicated thoughts) about craftsmanship, and he knows these are foreign territory for Enjolras. Prouvaire, perhaps, might be a man to ask...

"Thank you," he says again to Enjolras.
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He does know that, and he smiles--but he still appreciates it. And he also knows that Enjolras would argue him out of any idea that seemed wrong to him. A loyal friend, the dearest friend, but an honest one, too.