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It's a clear, fine night at the end of the universe. The afternoon was warm and sunny; it's night now, well after midnight, and the sky outside the window is bright with strange stars. By the Milliways calendar, capricious creature though it is, today was June 5. It's June 6 now, technically, in the dark hours between midnight and sunrise.

On this date, in 1832, Paris was an eventful place. A morning funeral, an uprising -- by afternoon, barricades -- by the evening of the 6th, violently and brutally suppressed.

Enjolras and Combeferre are still awake. They're not discussing the date, or past events. Indeed, they've discussed such things very little today. They have, instead, been reading. Every so often one or the other will read a passage aloud, or comment upon it, and then a conversation will unfold: a discussion of the future, or a friendly argument about its proper shape or interpretation. When silence falls, it's to resume reading, not to brood in silence.

If every so often one or the other of them seems to be reading more slowly than usual, and looking through the pages of his book -- or if a heavy silence falls in the middle of an argument, and is not immediately filled -- well, doubtless it's only distraction.
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The totally not significant silence is soundly interrupted by a heavy knock and a loud intonation of "ALL HAIL, GREAT LEADER."
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Combeferre gives Enjolras a look of "oh, Bahorel." He puts his book down, carefully marked, and marches up to the door to fling it open.

"I see the circus is in town," he says to Bahorel, in lieu of greeting.
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"So you say! But how can I trust your word, when you, like me, are a mere peon? Behold, there are two of us! Clearly, we cannot trust our own judgement. Come, fellow underling, me must consult the proper potentates!"

The speech is given, in a slightly more conversational tone, as Bahorel strolls into the room with a roll of papers under his arm and tosses himself carelessly on the sofa.
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Seriously, UGH.

"The man is astounding. Many men try to play the dullard; he brings natural talent to the role. Congratulations on your ascendancy to Tyrant, Enjolras. A clever touch, to allow we commoners into the halls of..." Bahorel looks at the room and considers. "..the halls of dubious scientific endeavors."

Ugh, the spy. It's more rewarding to consider Enjolras' and Combeferre's decorating choices, and that is grim work indeed.
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"I suppose he has to, to live and believe as he does." Combeferre has read what Hugo had to say of Javert. If one-tenth of it is accurate, and the barricade section certainly is, then the man has devoted his life to an authoritarian social order, to domination and control made manifest in church and state. Javert will not see when a bourgeois attacks a prostitute, or when a convict is a good man. Why would he consent to see when a group of friends interacts on the basis of equality and brotherhood, and not the tyrannical rule of Enjolras?

The very thought of that forces Combeferre to suppress a snicker. "You make a poor despot, Enjolras. Your subjects are obstreperous and unruly." This, with a nod at Bahorel.
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"Of course; savage that I am, I require instruction." Bahorel unrolls the papers he took off Javert's table. "--At least information."

He hands the sketches to his friends. "The spy was drawing them downstairs; do either of you recognize the men?"

The faces are all very clear , if--with the exception of one-- rather stiff and coldly drawn.
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Bahorel is all seriousness now, too, studying the faces Enjolras hadn't recognized. "That fellow's one I knew from before the barricade-- just a carter. The others-- I didn't have too much time to know everyone. For us and the rest who died, there might be little enough harm; but I know a few survived, or were sent away."

And they'll be depending on becoming faces in the crowd. " I took this to show you, but it doesn't do anything to his memory. A face is harder to hunt than a name, sometimes, but it's still bad enough." And so, the obvious question: what to do about a memory, and the man carrying it?
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Combeferre examines the pictures. Of those Enjolras hasn't recognized--"This one is a porter," he says, "and that one a longshoreman, and he's among those who survived. In my timeline." He glances at Enjolras, for just a moment.

Then he turns back to the immediate problem. "Bad enough, yes. We've discussed the possibility of sending warnings back to our people, through Valjean. Beyond that--might we confuse the spy? Perhaps feed him false information?"

There's really no need to voice the most extreme solution just yet; it's premature, and it's also not as though any of them are ignorant of it.
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Bahorel snorts. "There's no trouble getting him to talk to us, if we decide to try that. And I don't think he'd even question it-- he might have a fine memory, but that's a different matter."
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"There are several possibilities. The simplest would be to simply let one or two wrong facts slip, as if casually, the next time he accosts you. References to neighborhoods, to caf├ęs, that sort of thing--the kind of thing that's unlikely to draw a burdensome suspicion on any particular person, but will keep Javert busy for a while." This is to Enjolras, since he seems to be Javert's favorite target.

"A more complicated possibility would be to leave a piece of paper in the bar, as if by accident, with some false aliases and meaningless codes, something Javert may 'find'...but I suspect that would be less persuasive than words spoken casually. Especially if they're spoken in anger. Which might make Bahorel a better messenger for the false information." This, with a faint grin at Bahorel.

"I've had a different thought, though: perhaps we might use the Labyrinth, somehow? To mislead him, or to delay him. If he goes to a different world through the Labyrinth, then will time pass in Paris, while he's gone, even though it wouldn't while he's in Milliways itself?"
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Bahorel returns the grin. "I'll talk to Legle and Courfeyrac; between us I'm sure we can convincingly say all manner of ridiculous information by accident." A couple big talkers, in their cups, they might quarrel about anything. "--The Labyrinth's a good idea, if it will work to keep him away from Milliways and in the course of time; it might be our only chance in that direction."
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Bahorel nods."I can do it, if we have to; or you can. I don't think he's really much of a fighter, he moves wrong, but--" shrug. But they all have things they're more suited for, and if it comes to force he and Enjolras are the best choices for it. "And do it without much risk of real harm, I think; and it's not for any concern over the spy's health, but I don't want to have him popping up as our neighbor for eternity, at that."

Or getting patched up by one of Joly's miracle machines, with a whole new grudge.

"The Labyrinth looks like the most really permanent option we have--even if it's just for a few days at a time."

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Bahorel answers the question with a glance of his own and the briefest nod. No point in pretending they'd be trying for a kind option if it comes to that; the Labyrinth is more practical, that's all.
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Combeferre nods along at the discussion of how the Labyrinth may be used, and who's most capable of doing it. He knows he's not going to be the first person asked to use force, and he's shamefully relieved. Relieved that his own lack of skill and instinct spares him this. It's not fair to put the burden of conscience on Bahorel or Enjolras, even if they're willing and able, just as it wasn't fair that Enjolras was the first to react to Le Cabuc. Combeferre would have killed Le Cabuc, he knows that; but he also knows he'd never have been the first to reach the man. Others would always beat him in the race to bear that weight.

Which may be why he says, "We might also get him to the Labyrinth by trickery, though I don't yet have a specific plan for how. But yes--we can take it in shifts to watch the doorway. It's outside business, but will that matter once we're not in the bar?"
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"Dueling is permitted outside the bar itself, after all. That's why Percy could do it. If dueling's allowed, why not outside business?"

Not that Combeferre's pushed the limits of this rule himself. "We shouldn't rely on it, of course. We must be prepared to take the consequences."
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Bahorel laughs a little at that. "Have you seen the cells? It's nothing much to fear. -- A smaller room, that's all." Why yes, he'll go mad if he has to spend very long in a small room, but he's gone mad several times being stuck in Milliways at its most spacious. He's good at going mad, and getting back from it.

"But the difference with the duels is people agree to them. It's like sparring; Security doesn't mind that either. There's probably not much chance of getting the spy to just agree to hop in the Labyrinth--not without lying, and we'd likely get pinned for that too."

" And not everyone turns an eye to dueling; and not all outside business is banned. No one stopped Enjolras and Bossuet from trying to affect our world back in '30."

He glances at Enjolras as he says that-- they didn't, right?

"So it seems it's down to agreements--more or less. If we could convince the man to wander off on his own, that wouldn't likely draw security; but I can't imagine an appeal to his curiosity would work."

...But maybe some other tactic. It's worth considering, actually; people can be talked into all sorts of things, sometimes unexpectedly, as Bahorel knows well (And this is why Feuilly has a pierced ear.).
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"Agreements--yes, that's a sensible enough principle," Combeferre says, thoughtfully.

He snorts at the idea of Javert doing anything out of sheer curiosity. "Well. Perhaps, if he believed some of us were, oh, plotting revolution, or doing something else of interest to him, in the Labyrinth...that could draw him there, of his own volition. Though as you say--we'd likely face the cells for the deception anyway."

Even if the cells aren't much to face.
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Bahorel laughs at the idea of the spy stomping off into the Labyrinth on a child's dare-- and then starts considering it. The man is almost belligerently direct; could it be that simple?

" I know some of the others have spoken with him; Joly and Bossuet a bit, Feuilly a few times." And that any of them spoke to the spy more than once is a testament to his friends' charity and patience, because Bahorel's pretty sure he can't try it again without hitting someone.
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Combeferre nods. "We can discuss it with them, then, before we settle on a plan."

As always, any plan will be better for the involvement of all their friends.